World Green Building Week Activity – GBC Indonesia

Green Building Site Visit – Indoor Quality to Improve Health & Productivity

As part of World Green Building Week and additional to GREENSHIP Associate training programme, GBC Indonesia held site visit to GREENSHIP Certified Building on 28th September 2017. The visited building was DUSASPUN office, located in Gunung Putri, Bogor.  DUSASPUN Office was selected because it has many interesting feature and design on indoor health and comfort, which this is quite unique among GREENSHIP certified building that mostly focus on energy and water efficiency.

During the visit, DUSASPUN Green Team deliver short presentation about the certification process and green feature that is implement within the building. DUSASPUN Office received Platinum Level for GREENSHIP New Building v 1.0. After the presentation, site visit participant was taken to have a tour around the building and to see the real implementation.

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It is clearly seen that the office optimize natural daylight in the design, and with special material to reduce glare for occupant convenience. DUSASPUN office also has a small courtyard that act as source of daylight and natural ventilation. In each of the meeting space, DUSASPUN provide a CO2 monitoring system to assure that the oxygen level meet the standard. On top of the building, they have a roof garden and leisure center for their employee during the break hours.

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On 29th of September, alongside with Refrigeration & HVAC Indonesia 2017 at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Green Building Council Indonesia creates a workshop titled “Healthy Building for Healthy People”. This workshop is dedicated for public and professionals. There are 70 (seventy) participant from various background who eager to know more about green building update. Through this workshop, GBC Indonesia also spread the message that green building is for everyone.

As part of World Green Building Week, GBC Indonesia gave out two main topics for this event. First topic is about Biophilia, how human have tendency to seek connection to nature; and second topic is an introduction of Wellness in Building. With these two topics, GBC Indonesia would like to share on how building is closely related to human and can have significant impact toward human life. Green building is not just about engineering solution, or high advance technology, but also about human health and life quality.

Naning Adiwoso, Chairperson of GBC Indonesia and Irwan Sendjaya, President of Building Owners & Managers Association International (BOMA) become the speakers for this event.

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(Pict.1 Participant of Healthy Building for healthy People)


(Pict. 2 Naning Adiwoso speak about Biophilia)


(Pict. 3 Participant listening to Naning’s sharing)


(Pict. 4 Irwan Sendjaya speak about Wellness in Building)