Green Financing –Real Estate Sector


Dari forum Implementasi Grand Design Green Building Jakarta yang di dilaksanakan bulan Februari 2019, salah satu bahan yang disampaikan oleh Sid Kusuma, adalah Green Financing – Real Estate Sector, berupa Green Bond yang menarik untuk disimak guna menunjang investasi dalam pembangunan proverty.

Realisasi Green Bond tahun 2018 mencapai USD 165 Billion, dan target tahun 2019 ini mencapai USD 200 Billion.

Proses penerbitan meliputi 5 langkah :

  • Develop green asset strategy and process
  • Determine appropriate funding sources
  • Deal structuring
  • Debt origination
  • Post-issurance reporting

Green Bonds RE –Real Estate Faks

  • The greenhouse gas emissions of cities are very significant and up to 70% of a large city’s emissions are related to its buildings. Investing in low emissions or zero emissions buildings will play an essential role in contributing to achieving the Paris Agreement goals.
  • In the long term, green bonds which are tied to low emission or zero carbon buildings are expected to amount to 40% of the green bonds market. The growth of this market will depend on the confidence among investors that the buildings are making a genuine contribution to thetransition to a green economy

New York State in 2016 has secured international certification of nearly $100 million

First State in the Nation to Secure International Certification for Development of Housing That Reduces Impact of Climate Change

Bonds Expected to Create Over 640 Green, Affordable and Supportive Apartments Across New York State

Sumber : Sid Kusuma, Feb 2019