GlassTech Asia 2011

Green Building Philosophy, Strategy and The Impact to Indonesia’s Sustainable Future.

(Opening Remarks Mr. Nyoto Irawan – Steering Board Green Building Council Indonesia at Glass Tech 2011)

Dear all distinguished guess, It is an honored to be able to stand among this peer of enthusiastic fellow that have a green insight for sustainable future.

Indonesia as a great country is having lots of natural resources. We shall use it wisely and learn from various countries, so we might understand how to take care of our future as we are targeting 26% carbon emission reduction by 2020. Buildings are contributing 33% from total of Green House Gas emission. Jakarta as part of Metropolitan City, had build up a regulation on Green Building which we hope will be declare soon and becoming a mandatory. Surabaya, Bali, Makassar, Palembang is also developing green buildings programs to support this national target.

Green Building Council Indonesia or GBC Indonesia is a non profit organization that is fully committed to the transformation of green buildings in Indonesia. In order to realize our commitment, GBC Indonesia are conducting series of program collaborate with stake holders that share a same vision. Herewith, GBC Indonesia is supporting GlassTech Asia through Asia Pacific Green Building Seminar 2011 as a way to disseminate Green Building awareness.

Green Building approach is started with planning, design, construction, operational and last one, maintenance. And on this framework, it has to include six aspects which are land efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, sustainable material, indoor health and comfort, and building environment management. Green Building is not mere on natural approach, but also how we are able to use smart technology and passive design to preserve nature. How we are able to use green technology that encourage people to become more sustainable, and show them that green building is a convenient way.

Stake holders of Green Building is formed by various people, that include professional, business people, industry, academic, organization, et cetera. This is a movement for better generations, a way to secure our children’s future and to make sure that they have what we had. A clean water, fresh air, cool breeze, and scenery of mother nature. We may take different path, but still we have the same goal, and we do it together hand by hand as a fellow human.

Lets us act now! Show your class as a forward-thinking players in the industry who able to answer the demands of future generations. Lets us welcome this distinguished speaker who will share their knowledge and interesting perspective regarding Green Buildings.

Thank you for GlassTech Asia, to provide us this moment to share our vision. May we have a brighter spirit and knowledge that will lead to a better future.

Sustainable Greetings,
Green Building Council Indonesia
Nyoto Irawan
Steering Board
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